As part of Professor Sidhu’s commitment to the development of Endocrine Surgery, on a national and international level, he is involved with the training and mentorship of Endocrine Surgical Fellows.  Fellows are surgeons who have obtained their exit exam in General Surgery, spend 1-2 clinical years in thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery training and sometimes up to 3 research years examining causes for and new treatments for thyroid cancer and adrenal cancer. This allows the Fellows to gain further experience in the technical aspects of surgery on the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and salivary glands and investigating the molecular and translational aspects of the thyroid and adrenal cancers that he or she treats.

At Royal North Shore Hospital, you will meet the TS Reeve Fellow and at Hornsby Hospital the Australian and New Zealand Endocrine Surgery Fellow. At these hospitals, the Fellow is involved in the operative and post-operative care and you will meet one of them in the private hospital system where they assist at surgery.


TS Reeve Fellowship-RNSH

2002-3    Dr Jessica Gosnell
2003-4    Dr Fausto Palazzo/Jane Harding
2004-5    Dr Michael Yeh
2005-6    Dr Peter Stalberg
2006-7    Dr Catherine Lundgren/Simon Grodski
2007-8    Dr Todd McMullen
2008-9    Dr James Surliburk
2009-10  Dr Ruth Prichard
2010-11  Dr James Lee
2011-12  Dr Mark Versnick
2012-13  Dr Schelto Kruiff
2013-14  Dr Olov Norlen
2015-16 Dr Nicole Zern
2016-17 Dr Anton Engelsman

ANZES Fellowship – Hornsby Hospital

2006    Dr Win Meyer Rochow
2007    Dr Raul Alvarado
2008    Dr Raul Alvarado
2009    Dr Jennifer Oucharek
2010    Dr Chris O’Neil
2011    Unfilled
2012    Dr Aleksandra Popovich
2013    Dr Anthony Glover
2014    Dr Nisar Zaidi
2015    Dr Jane Lee
2016    Unfilled

Supervision of Higher Degree Students and Post Doctoral Students

Dr Patsy Soon FRACS

Doctorate of Philosophy: Clinical and Molecular aspects of adrenocortical tumours 2005-2007

Dr Win Meyer Rochow FRACS

Doctorate of Philosophy : Clinical and genetic aspects of phaeochromocytoma development 2007-2009

Dr Lyndal Tacon FRACP

Doctorate of Philosophy: Molecular Mechanisms of Adrenocortical Carcinogenesis and response to therapy 2008-2011

Dr Deepak Abraham

Doctorate of Philosophy: The role of miRNA in the pathogenesis of sporadic medullary thyroid cancer 2008-2010

Dr Patsy Soon - NHMRC Postdoctoral Fellow

The role of miRNA in Adrenocortical Cancer Formation 2008-

Dr Nicole Jackson/Dr Jing Ting Zhao - NSWCI Postdoctoral Fellow

Identification of diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic targets in adrenocortical and adrenomedullary tumours

Dr James Lee-Doctorate of Philosophy

MiRNAs as diagnostic and therapeutic tools in the management of papillary thyroid cancer 2011-2014

Dr Julian Ip - Doctorate of Philosophy

Diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic targets in Adrenal Cancer Management 2011-2014

Dr Justin Gundara- Doctorate of Philosophy

MiRNAs as diagnostic and therapeutic targets in  Medullary thyroid cancer 2011-2013

Dr Anthony Glover

RNA regulation in adrenocortical cancer 2012-2015

Ms Jessica Kentwell

Nanoparticle mediated entry of miRNA into cancer cells BSc Hons 2013