Consultation Fees

New patient                    $205 ($72.75 rebatable through Medicare)
In room ultrasound       $70    ($63.00 rebatable through Medicare)
Follow-up                        $80   ($36.55 rebatable through Medicare)

Medicare claims will be done automatically unless otherwise requested by the patient.  Claims can be made when you have a valid referral and have paid for the consultation in full.
Our practice has a policy of payment of consultation costs on the day

Surgery Fee

The costs for surgery will depend on the condition and type of surgery required for treatment.

If you proceed to surgery in the public system your costs will be covered by Medicare.

When you schedule your surgery you will be sent an estimated quote for Professor Sidhu’s fees. This will outline:

  • Professor Sidhu’s fee
  • The amount you can claim from Medicare
  • The amount you can claim from your private health fund if applicable

In most cases you will be sent an account after surgery.  Once you have paid in full we can submit it to Medicare on your behalf.  We will send receipts to you that can be forwarded to the private health fund.

Accepted payment methods are: cash, EFTPOS, bank cheques, and major credit cards including Amex. (We do not accept Diners Club)

Since 1985, the Medical Benefits Scheme has set a scheduled fee for medical consultations in Australia. However, over time the Medicare scheduled fee has not kept pace with inflation. As a result, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has now determined its own schedule of fees indexed to inflation. Our rooms set endocrine surgery fees are between the lower Medicare fee and the higher AMA fee.  More information here.

If you are travelling more than 100km to see Professor Sidhu to have endocrine surgery, you can claim some of your expenses through the Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme (IPTAAS).